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Skip Tracing

Designed to help debt collection professionals in all aspects of their work, MicroBilt’s suite of recovery and skip tracing tools provide quick, convenient, and current data that help you prioritize and successfully track people down and collect.

  • Super Phone
  • Enhanced People Search
  • People Search
  • MB Address Search
  • Trace Detail

Property Search Report

MicroBilt's Property Search Report shows you property owned or recently sold by an individual. It can be searched based on an individual's information or in reverse, based on a property address.

The Property Search Report allows you to search state and local databanks of deeds and assessments records and returns information such as:

  • Parcel Number
  • Property Address
  • Owner Name
  • Owner Address
  • Seller
  • Sale Amount
  • Sale Date
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Mortgage Loan Type
  • Mortgage Term
  • Title Company Name
  • Lender Name
  • Assessed Value
  • Land Usage
  • Lot Size or Area
  • Square Footage

The Property Search Report can be used by collections professionals to investigate and locate an individual based on their owned properties or to ascertain the value of properties when collecting unpaid debt.

Credit Reports

If your business extends credit to customers, consumer data is critical to your revenue and profitability. But offering credit also carries risks. Smart businesses choose MicroBilt to provide the high-quality, cost-efficient consumer credit data they need to help ensure the best loan decisions are being made for their business. Our consumer credit and decisioning tools include:

  • Alternative Credit Reporting - With PRBC alternative credit scoring you can now assess the creditworthiness and ability to pay of the 100 million people who have no traditional credit history on file with the traditional credit houses.
  • Traditional Credit Reporting - MicroBilt is a convenient, single-source provider for consumer credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Instant Bank Verification

Real-time access to transactional data from over 15,000 financial institutions worldwide. Instant Bank Verification verifies a bank account in real-time and provides up-to-date bank statements and multiple identity verifications. Billed only on usage (‘hits’ only) and there is no implementation fee.

Use Instant Bank Verification to:

  • Verify an applicant's ability to repay a loan
  • Verify income and direct-deposit accounts
  • Verify an individual's current and available account balances
  • Verify an SSN/SIN
  • Verify address and telephone number details
  • Discover an individual’s other financial obligations and loans
  • Eliminate fraudulent bank statements
  • Eliminate the need for consumers to email or fax statements

Used for underwriting, Instant Bank Verification reduces the time needed for loan decisioning allowing you to close more loans faster. When combined with DailyData and BalanceChek products, Instant Bank Verification can also be used for debt recovery by monitoring account balance and ACH transactions.

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